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Posted by Ed Kiser on April 10, 2016 at 06:14:33 user Kisered.

In Reply to: Re: Roger and chocolate posted by Mike Dennis on April 10, 2016 at 23:58:39:

The results of looking for "chocolate" may seem a bit unconnected, as each line is taken out of context, unrelated to the lines shown beside it.

Roger is the one we associated with chocolate, but he is not the only one. Even the dog, William, seemed to like it as well. Even the Coot Clubs pet white rat got a bit now and then.

Here is my list of "hits". Hope this gives you the desired into.

Ed Kiser, Kentucky, USA
---------- BSCH11.TXT
kettle to boil ready for supper. They fed him with chocolate

---------- BSCH17.TXT
have your share of chocolate later on."

---------- BSCH18.TXT
Joe fed his white rat and dealt out a ration of chocolate,
after which they lay on their bunks, eating the chocolate,

---------- BSCH27.TXT
matter how they tried. So Bill got some chocolate out of the
They lay there, munching chocolate and talking. They talked
of chocolate still, and they listened. And slowly, slowly the

---------- BSCH9.TXT
to go without chocolate for the sake of getting bananas, or to
berries? And we want plenty of that milk chocolate they give
cocoa, chocolate both plain and nutty, a dozen bottles of

---------- CCCH11.TXT
stewed pears, several hunks of cake and some chocolate ("No

---------- CCCH13.TXT
and she gave William a chocolate.

---------- CCCH18.TXT
foods, chocolates and toffees, oranges and apples and
slab of the chocolate cream of which William was particularly
Mrs. Barrable bought another big slab of chocolate cream
Admiral gave him some chocolate."
"Chocolate all round," said the Admiral. "We've done it

---------- CCCH2.TXT
the cabin to get William's chocolate-box from the little

---------- CCCH23.TXT
"A Roger," laughed Dorothea. "Give him some chocolate.

---------- CCCH27.TXT
Come on, boy! Come on! Chocolate, William..."
"Is there any chocolate?" asked Dorothea.
"We'll send across his bit of chocolate."
scrap of chocolate, a bottle of cod-liver oil, and his own
"Does William have his oil after chocolate or before it?"
"Chocolate always comes afterwards," called William's

---------- CCCH29.TXT
two big slabs of chocolate and two cold chickens cooked that
William, who had his fill of chocolate.
please, I'd like another bit of that chocolate."

---------- CCCH8.TXT
chocolate for William. I'll take that, too, and then I'll leave
"Does William eat chocolate?" asked Port.

---------- CCCH9.TXT
William, impatient for tea and the chocolate he expected,

---------- GNCH12.TXT
chocolate. And eggs."

---------- GNCH15.TXT
of chocolate. They'll just have to have something when they come

---------- GNCH16.TXT
packet of cake had gone. In its place was a slab of chocolate in a red
wrapper with gold lettering. At least the wrapper said it was chocolate.
silver paper that covered it. Yes, it was chocolate all right and he did
for himself whether the chocolate was as good as the chocolate served
rest of the chocolate, wrapped it up again, put it back in the box, took
eaten the bit of chocolate, looked round. Up there, at the Pict-house, he
then his chocolate, sucked an orange and, after drinking half his
Besides, he had left a slab of chocolate in his biscuit box safe there,
He opened it and took out the packet of chocolate and his diary. There
opened the packet of chocolate. Odd. It looked as if it had been opened
remember feeling the chocolate through its paper before he put it away
against a rock. He must have been mistaken. Anyhow, the chocolate
He had finished the chocolate, folded up the paper and put it away

---------- GNCH5.TXT
all solid rations except chocolate stowed inside them for easy carrying,
"What about eating our chocolate?" said Roger at last.
They rested pleasantly, sitting on rocks, eating their chocolate, and
eaten their chocolate and had just started again on their way up the

---------- MLCH11.TXT
and brought out a bit of chocolate. "It's a bit sticky," she said. "I meant

---------- MLCH17.TXT
sick of chocolate. We'll try that with our Miss Lee."

---------- MLCH18.TXT
favourite kind of chocolate.

---------- MLCH3.TXT
butter, lots of pemmican, dates, chocolate..."
"Ration of chocolate," said Susan hurriedly.
were eating rations of dates and chocolates it flared up out of the east.
cramming the last of his chocolate into his mouth, turned to the bows

---------- MLCH5.TXT
chocolate already."
Susan over her shoulder. Roger was counting the slabs of chocolate
decided that the dormitory effect was neater, put some chocolate in

---------- PDCH22.TXT
the chocolate. Then there were the cooking things. The water-barrel

---------- PDCH24.TXT
Susan had served out a ration of chocolate, but, by the time the

---------- PDCH27.TXT
"Well, there's no chocolate going now," said Susan. "We're going to
have tea and supper, and then you can have some chocolate when the
"Bother you," said Susan. "Skip along. You'll have chocolate just the
"I've found the box with the chocolate in it," said Roger.
"Have some chocolate, Roger," said Susan.
Everybody had some chocolate and then, unexpectedly, tired right

---------- PDCH28.TXT
bad. And there's enough chocolate left to last till Captain Flint comes.

---------- PDCH29.TXT
regular meals and unlimited chocolate. "It leaves us so much more

---------- PDCH33.TXT
to be broken, and small rations of chocolate while the kettle was being

---------- PDCH9.TXT
that Chocolate and Vanilla Ices were For Sale.
their third round of ices, chocolate ones, he came back looking very

---------- PMCH16.TXT
"I've got the book," she said, "and some buns and chocolate.
the wind. They ate their buns and chocolate. Dick steered while

---------- PMCH24.TXT
brought out two big slabs of chocolate. "I was forgetting Roger

---------- PMCH7.TXT
cornflakes and chocolate. They were certainly not going to starve.

---------- PPCH1.TXT
Roger swallowed a bit of chocolate unsucked and unbitten.

---------- PPCH10.TXT
everybody by serving out a ration of chocolate from a secret

---------- PPCH19.TXT
Roger would have given a good-sized bit of chocolate to

---------- PPCH27.TXT
down what brand of chocolate... Isn't there a special kind

---------- PPCH29.TXT
was boiled again and again. People ate hunks of chocolate

---------- PPCH5.TXT
chocolate in making out a list like that. But Mrs. Blackett,
after all, was Captain Flint's sister. Chocolate was in it, and

---------- PPCH7.TXT
small ration of chocolate, and the paddling of dusty feet in

---------- SACH19.TXT
a shilling's worth of the sort of chocolate that has almonds and
raisins in it as well as the chocolate, and so is three sorts of food

---------- SACH20.TXT
rowing. She also found a big hunk of chocolate. This she ate.
wind. She had eaten all the chocolate, and had begun to wonder

---------- SACH21.TXT
some chocolate for that boy."
The mate got out the cake and chocolate. She and the captain
cake and breaking up chocolate, and the light of his own torch,

---------- SACH22.TXT
"I ate all your chocolate in Amazon," said Titty.

---------- SACH27.TXT
and ginger-nuts and chocolate biscuits. There were mountains

---------- SACH30.TXT
say, Peggy, what about a round of chocolate? There's still a lot

---------- SACH6.TXT
had a big tin of chocolate biscuits. "I don't expect that mate of

---------- SDCH11.TXT
"Chocolate wouldn't be bad for now," said Roger, "and then
ready and they had eaten the bit of chocolate and the hunk of

---------- SDCH13.TXT
rest and a ration of chocolate all round. Even the parrot had a
bit. The mate had wisely put the chocolate in the outer pocket of

---------- SDCH14.TXT
and after that the usual bunloaf and marmalade, chocolate and

---------- SDCH16.TXT
the lantern. I put a lot of chocolate out on purpose. It's on the
whispered by one or other as the chocolate went round, seemed

---------- SDCH17.TXT
spoilt the taste of chocolate or apples that might be meant for

---------- SDCH22.TXT
"Perhaps you'd better leave your chocolate behind too," said
lot of chocolate and some apples. The mate scrubbed the kettle

---------- SDCH24.TXT
of it and be ready to let go in a second. A ration of chocolate was

---------- SDCH25.TXT
eaten on the way only an apple apiece and some chocolate. In-

---------- SDCH26.TXT
them, and some bunloaf after it, and a bit of chocolate, while

---------- SDCH28.TXT
"We don't need anything but chocolate," said Roger.
chocolate for each of them. Except for the chocolate and compass
"What about chocolate?" said Roger, less because he wanted
chocolate than because he wanted a rest.
"Come on," said Titty. "We'll have our first chocolate under
chocolate, and looked back into the valley of the Amazon.
"We'll have the rest of the chocolate when we come to Trout
chocolate. Titty took the compass out of her pocket, and, while
she was eating her chocolate, opened the compass on the ground

---------- SDCH29.TXT
"There's only one more bit of chocolate left," said the boy,
off again, cheered by the chocolate and by the little stream beside
"And there is no more chocolate."
"There's one lump of chocolate left in the pocket of my knap-

---------- SDCH3.TXT
and tea and sugar and chocolate, a jar of marmalade, the paper
chocolate to fill up with.
"Let's keep the chocolate for rations while we're exploring,"

---------- SDCH33.TXT
"They had nothing with them but some chocolate," said

---------- SDCH34.TXT
paper off the last bit of chocolate. That's where Roger waited

---------- SDCH4.TXT
chocolate he had saved, and hurried after the able-seaman. Some-
"Have my chocolate," said the able-seaman. "I don't want it."
I'll eat the chocolate while we're watching."
Titty handed over her chocolate and looked back down the

---------- SWCH10.TXT
"Ginger beer and chocolate," said the Mastodon. "But that

---------- SWCH14.TXT
like the Mastodon. And we haven't even a bit of chocolate."

---------- SWCH22.TXT
chocolate biscuits, and cake went down well. There were

---------- SWCH23.TXT
"We ate the last bit of chocolate yesterday," said Roger.
"Can't you think of anything but chocolate?" said John.
"Of course I can," said Roger. "But chocolate's jolly

---------- SWCH24.TXT
tonight"). She bought a fresh supply of chocolate and several

---------- SWCH25.TXT
"Shove a bit of chocolate in your mouth," said Titty.
things like sugar, cornflakes, biscuits and chocolate on the top

---------- SWCH26.TXT
out a ration of chocolate."
of chocolate, which she broke into three equal pieces. Bridget
and Roger nibbled chocolate. Titty took a bite of hers but
Roger wasted a bit of chocolate by swallowing it.

---------- SWCH29.TXT
happened to the chocolate? I'm sure we had more than two

---------- SWCH30.TXT
"Chocolate and bananas," said Titty, digging in her
ful of chocolate and settled to her oars.

---------- SWCH5.TXT
"A whole box of chocolate," said Roger. "Nut and raisin

---------- WDCH13.TXT
might dig out a bit of chocolate. I know just where it is."
back, remembering Roger, she took a slab of chocolate.
have a ration of chocolate. And aren't there a few bananas

---------- WDCH3.TXT
chocolate, in squares. And two dozen eggs and a whole

---------- WHCH12.TXT
Susan had served out a ration of chocolate, putting aside four
it with a bit of strengthening chocolate taken from his own share.

---------- WHCH17.TXT
except one small piece of chocolate, which Roger found just

---------- WHCH21.TXT
milk chocolate with nuts in it? We've got some fresh from Rio."
dinner, and the chocolate from Rio, and the loaf that had come

---------- WHCH25.TXT
cabin table and the piles of oranges and chocolates and a huge cake

---------- WHCH27.TXT
remember to have plenty of chocolate."

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