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Interesting Name - whoever named him had a sense of humour or hated Latin

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Posted by John Nichols on August 10, 2019 at 09:07:23 user Mcneacail.

Denis Hugh Vercingetorix Brogan was born on March...

Vercingetorix (/ˌvɜːrsɪnˈdʒɛtərɪks/ VUR-sin-JET-ər-iks, /-sɪŋˈɡɛt-/ -⁠sing-GET-; Latin: [wɛrkɪŋˈɡɛtɔrɪks]; c. 82 BC 46 BC) was a king and chieftain of the Arverni tribe; he united the Gauls in a revolt against Roman forces during the last phase of Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars.

Vercingetorix was the son of Celtillus the Avernian, leader of the Gallic tribes. Vercingetorix came to power after his formal designation as chieftain of the Arverni at the oppidum Gergovia in 52 BC. He immediately established an alliance with other Gallic tribes, took command and combined all forces, and led them in the Celts' most significant revolt against Roman power. He won the Battle of Gergovia against Julius Caesar in which several thousand Romans and allies died and Caesar's Roman legions withdrew.

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