Re: Timothy's Age and sundry matters

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Posted by John Lambert on May 09, 2003 at 19:43:15 from user John.

In Reply to: Re: Timothy's Age and sundry matters posted by Peter H on May 09, 2003 at 16:21:46:


A redneck, ah, yes, a redneck. A redneck is a rural dweller anywhere in the southeastern states of the U.S. Not just any rural dweller, but one who usually lives in a trailer (caravan), drinks beer (from the can), has a collection of direlect cars around the place, owns a collection of rifles, has a bumper sticker that reads, "Guns don't kill people, people do", and an assortment of hound dogs. For entertainment he attends monster truck rallies and wet tee shirt contests. He always votes Republican, smokes Marlboro cigarettes, shops at KMart, wears huge belt buckles and cowboy boots. He sports a mullet haircut and his male children dress just like Pa does. His wife (or girlfriend) is usually related to him by blood - maybe a cousin, aunt, whatever. He thinks safe sex is a padded headboard. They are intolerant of other races, languages, attitudes, views, opinions, etc. They think the words "Gentlemen, start your engines" are part of the National Anthem. The first words their kids usually utter are, "Attention, KMart shoppers." They think a seven course meal is a Domino's pizza and a six-pack. They consider a bathroom fixture filled with flowers in the front yard is "kinda cute". They also decorate the doorframes and window frames of their dwellings with beer bottle caps. Their tatoos usally include some female relative's name. Being a redneck is really a state of mind. They can live anywhere and frequently do. At weddings they wear a clean dirty sweat shirt, jeans, a new baseball cap and matching runners. They have names like Billy-Joe, Jim-Bob, etc. Their wives are called Sue-Ann, Thelma, Velveeta, etc. They have figured out that beer cans (empty) make great hair-curlers. They usually have blonde hair - lots of it - and their tatoos frequently include the name of some male relative. The name "redneck" originally referred to the fact that due to the long hours they spent toiling in the hot sun, the back of their necks became a deep brickred. Now that they have figured out a baseball cap worn backwards "sorta helps", their necks are simply dirty.

Does that answer your question?


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