Re: Peanut Butter loosing the plot?

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Posted by Ed Kiser on March 26, 2005 at 20:32:45 from user Kisered.

In Reply to: Re: Peanut Butter loosing the plot? posted by Mike Dennis on March 26, 2005 at 13:09:40:

When the MARMITE topic came up a year or so ago, I did a search on "MARMITE" and did not find any usage at that time.

It is a most interesting realization that when I read again these delightful stories, there are those things which seem to have been "added" since the previous reading, as for some reason, I did not realize certain moments went the way they did, thus adding to the wonderment of reading these stories. The TYPING effort caused me to have to pay attention to every word and every detail, so that provided many examples of new discoveries.

Since the time of my last scan looking for "MARMITE" however, I doubt that there will have been "added" any such references regarding that substance. Perhaps then, it would be safe for me to say, without re-doing the scan that there is still no reference to this material.

It is amazing how such a residue left from the brewing process could have been found to be worthy of actually eating. It does make for a marvelous picture in the mind of the first brave fellow who scooped up some of this muck and actually tasted it, in spite of its, ah, aroma. Perhaps bravery can also be applied to taste testing.

Reminds me of that first Frenchman who looked at a snail and decided that such a creature would be quite a tasty delight to be eaten with relish, and then actually tasted one. Wonder how many tries were made before he finally discovered how such should be prepared for eating.

I have discovered one reference to MARMITE. It was in the movie, "I'll Be There" featuring Charlotte Church and Craig Ferguson. In that movie, a conversation was begun with a fellow that was in the process of eating a marmite sandwich. The reaction of the others, who found they were quite close to the one eating it, indicated that the breath of the eater was rather unpleasant, apparently resulting from the Marmite. They made ugly faces and tried to turn aside as the eater spoke with his mouth full. With this evidence in hand, I have no further curiosity to see how this delightful material is to be eaten.

Here in the USA we can get large jars with the peanut butter already mixed in with Grape Jelly in great swirls. Makes for a most delightful spread. Especially with slices of banana pressed into that topping, or perhaps covered with a sprinkling of raisins.

Amazing how the taste buds from two different parts of the world can become so diverse as to what is unpleasant or delightful taste. It does make "coming home" again a most satisfying experience where one can get the foods one is truly accustomed to, and can finally get to enjoy "people food" again, as compared to the oddities other places seem to want to expect visitors to have to eat.

And bye-the-bye, Mike, there is only one "s" in "Kiser". Trivia; perhaps there are those that want to be known as a kisser. Small matter, really, hardly worth mentioning...

Ed KISER, South Florida

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