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Posted by Ed Kiser on April 26, 2007 at 13:56:12 from user Kisered.

In Reply to: Quotation from S & A Series posted by John Giddy on April 26, 2007 at 06:09:17:

From CC CH27 -

The Setting - Teasel and Titmouse are stranded on the mud with falling tide. They sent the Pug William across the mud with a cotton thread tied to his harness, which could be pulled by Tom to obtain a stronger rope that could be used to exchange items between the two stranded ships.

"Got it," shouted Tom. "Well done, whoever thought of
that! Do keep still, William."
As for the subset of that phrase, "WELL DONE," it seems that it was a rather popular expression.

In the following listing, be aware that each quoted line is taken by itself from the text, and is totally unrelated to the lines that may appear here next to it.

Due to different margins settings of TarBoard and your display not matching the line lengths of the original texts, a few of these lines may appear to be "wrapped" on your screen instead of showing up as one line as in the original text.

---------- BSCH10.TXT
post... Ease her... Well done, Dad."

---------- BSCH22.TXT
"Well done, Mother," said Tom.

---------- BSCH6.TXT
"Well done you," said the owner of the Cachalot. "How

---------- CCCH13.TXT
"Well done, William," said Dorothea.

---------- CCCH14.TXT
"Well done, Dick!" said Starboard.

---------- CCCH15.TXT
"Twelve altogether," said the Admiral. "Well done, Bill.

---------- CCCH18.TXT
"Well done, Tom," said the Admiral as Tom came aboard

---------- CCCH27.TXT
"Got it," shouted Tom. "Well done, whoever thought of

---------- CCCH28.TXT
"Safe enough now," said Starboard. "Well done, Joe."

---------- CCCH9.TXT
"Well done, that Port of yours," cried the Admiral. "I
glasses? Well done, Port," said Mrs. Barrable again. "Well
done! Well done!"
"Well done everybody," said the Admiral.
"Well done, Port!" everybody shouted at once.

---------- GNCH14.TXT
"Well done Roger," said Titty.
"Well done," said Nancy. "Better row for the place where the stream

---------- GNCH17.TXT
"Great Auks for ever!" exclaimed Nancy. "Well done, Professor. Of

---------- GNCH18.TXT
"Well done, Professor," whispered John. "Look here. When you come

---------- GNCH20.TXT
know it. Three million cheers! Well done, the goggles! And my yelling

---------- GNCH26.TXT
Uncle Jim. Well done, Dot! Go it, Peggy! Never mind about sore throats.

---------- MLCH15.TXT
"Well done, Miss Lee," said Nancy.

---------- MLCH19.TXT
"Lovely work," said Nancy. "Well done, Miss Lee."

---------- MLCH2.TXT
right now. He's dropped them. Good! Well done, Peggy! Peggy's got
"He's got him," shouted Roger. "Well done, Gibber!"
"Well done, Captain Flint!" said Susan.

---------- MLCH6.TXT
John looked over his shoulder. "I'll paddle in," he said. "Well done,

---------- PDCH13.TXT
"Well done, Susan," said Nancy. "I thought you'd agree in the end."

---------- PDCH18.TXT
"I see it, too," said John. "Nearly dead ahead. Well done you for
"Well done, Bill!" Shouts came from all over the ship.

---------- PDCH23.TXT
"Well done, Nancy," said Captain Flint. "Now we're all right. But

---------- PDCH25.TXT
Flint. "Well done, Nancy, and you two. We shan't die of thirst, anyhow,

---------- PDCH3.TXT
right up till we're in the outer harbour. Well done, everybody. That's

---------- PMCH14.TXT
"Well done, Jacky," said Nancy. "Think of him being up

---------- PMCH15.TXT
"Well done, Dick!" called Nancy. "You've got right of way.

---------- PMCH2.TXT
"Well done. We can manage these easily. Cook thought you'd

---------- PMCH3.TXT
done, Peggy," she cried. "Well done, Dick! I was a galoot never

---------- PMCH30.TXT
"Well done, the Picts!" cried Nancy. "Well done! Well done!

---------- PPCH11.TXT
"Well done, everybody," said Nancy. "And you saw the

---------- PPCH15.TXT
"Of course it did," said Nancy. "Well done, old Titty.

---------- PPCH16.TXT
dowser! Well done, Titty! Come on. We've only got to dig

---------- PPCH17.TXT
"Well done, mother!" said Nancy.
"Well done both of you," said Mrs. Blackett. "I'll tell

---------- PPCH31.TXT
"Well done, Rogie. We'll send her for help. An S.O.S.
it, Rogie! Well done, Dot!" and then, to herself again, "We'll

---------- PPCH34.TXT
"Well done!" she shouted. "Well done the able-seamen!

---------- PPCH4.TXT
"Well done, Susan," said Nancy.
back. Well done, mother. A pigeon a day keeps the natives

---------- PPCH5.TXT
"She said, 'Well done, Dick,' and then she said, 'It's clever

---------- PPCH6.TXT
"Well done, Dick!" "What about that, mother?" "He's
"Yes it is," said Nancy. "Well done, Peggy. Ow, I'd

---------- PPCH8.TXT
and everything's bone dry. It'll dust off. Well done, John."

---------- SACH15.TXT
swimming. Well done."

---------- SACH22.TXT
"Well done, Titty," said Susan.
thought we'd failed. Swallow is flagship after all. Well done,
marks. That's right. Look out for Swallow. Well done!"

---------- SACH29.TXT
the box. "Well done, Able-seaman!" he shouted. "Shiver my

---------- SDCH14.TXT
"Well done, Susan," said John. "Then it'll be all right for us

---------- SDCH15.TXT
him. Well done!" and presently Captain Flint was holding the

---------- SDCH17.TXT
"Well done! Well done!" shouted Peggy.

---------- SDCH21.TXT
Well done, Polly," she said. "Of course Nancy knew you'd

---------- SDCH24.TXT
"Well done, Skipper," cried Nancy, on seeing John. "You've
"Well done," said Captain Nancy. "She really is good at

---------- SDCH32.TXT
"Well done, cook," cried Nancy, rolling the little barrel to

---------- SDCH35.TXT
"Well done, little ship," cried Titty. "Well done! Well done!"
"Well done, Skipper," shouted Captain Nancy. "I thought

---------- SDCH36.TXT
"Well done, mother," said Nancy. "We'll take care of you,

---------- SDCH6.TXT
"Well done, Nancy," he said. "It would have taken ages if

---------- SDCH7.TXT
"By yourselves? Well done. How did you manage about the

---------- SWCH12.TXT
Well done Bridget! Good for you Roger!"
"Well done, Bridget," said Nancy. "You've saved the

---------- SWCH2.TXT
pipe. "Well done the Able-seamen."

---------- SWCH31.TXT
ready to lower sail. "Well done, the Eels!"
"You've done the whole lot?... Well done, indeed. Why

---------- SWCH4.TXT
"Well done. Can you heave them down?"
Daddy laughed. "Well done, Biddy," he said.

---------- WDCH1.TXT
"Well done," he laughed, looking at the neat coils of rope.

---------- WHCH12.TXT
"Well done," said Peggy. "Jolly good work. And the sheep's

---------- WHCH17.TXT
they're doing. Well done, Dick. Look there. Look at those two

---------- WHCH20.TXT
they had it in them. Well done, Dick and Dorothea! Sleeping out
there in the ice. Wouldn't she like to be with them! Well done!

---------- WHCH29.TXT
"Well done, mother!"

I hope the above is helpful in our efforts to more knowingly appreciate the details of All Things Ransome.

If anyone spots any typo errors in the above texts, PLEASE let me know so I can correct my master copies. In my browsings while reading from my screen, such erros still do crop up, perhaps to my surprise, but I am always delighted to find them to be able to fix them.

Glad to be of service.

Ed Kiser, Kentucky

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